Saturday, 22 November 2014

Is Storenvy STILL free? not quite.

   Back in 2013 I made a blog post about Storenvy, the then fairly new selling platform that was 100% fee free. Bar the fact it required signup to Paypal as a payment service, and Paypal charges a fee on every transaction just like any other bank, Storenvy remained 'free' to use and took no commission on sales made through it. Most internet sellers are familiar with Paypal fees.

   There's about to be changes on the horizon for those using Storenvy, however. Soon Storenvy will require every store that wants to remain part of the Storenvy "marketplace", which can drive a lot of traffic to individual stores, to sign up for the "Stripe" payment system, or risk being removed from the marketplace. Their reason for doing this is to give buyers a "seamless" checkout experience, where they can buy from several stores using a single payment method. I can see why they want that implemented - if you were buying from several stores, and some used Paypal and others used credit cards, it could get messy. All Storenvy sellers will be required to sign up for Stripe to remain in the Storenvy marketplace, where your items are searchable. According to Storenvy's Changes To The Marketplace blog post:

"Stripe takes a small fee (2.9% +$0.30) on every transaction, though this can be reduced if you make more than $80,000 a month through Stripe. For more information on pricing visit here ( This is the same as PayPal which also takes a small fee (2.9% + $.30) for the typical credit card fees."

   What this apparently means is that if you're a Paypal user as well (like me), you will have to incur both Paypal fees AND Stripe fees if you want to remain in the marketplace?

   But that's not all. Storenvy is also planning a 10% fee on all sales placed from the marketplace. 10% is pretty steep if you ask me, and was the reason I wanted to hop from eBay to Storenvy in the first place, because eBay's 10% final value fees (and now fees on postage) are too much for a small time seller like me to keep forking out. 

   Bad news, indeed. Storenvy advertised itself as a free platform and attracted a lot of attention for it, but perhaps predictably we're seeing the effect of success on it. One can understand the need to charge commission eventually as the site grows and incurs more running costs, but 10%? perhaps something closer to Etsy's commission rate would be more palatable.

   It's not all bad, however. According to their FYI, sellers can continue to operate a fee-free platform store as long as they're aware it will remain outside the marketplace. You can still have a Storenvy store, but you won't get traffic and potential sales from the Storenvy marketplace. That's doesn't affect OOAK sellers like me too much, as we tend to do our own advertising. For anyone else, it's likely to see them take a few hits in sales if they don't market themselves outside Storenvy. (For customers in for example China and Japan, this is basically forced on them because there is no Stripe in those countries).

   So there it is - Storenvy will rival eBay at the marketplace for fees shortly, leaving Etsy's marketplace probably a better option. But if you're happy with a store you want to drive traffic to yourself from outside, you can supposedly still enjoy the fee-less experience of the platform.     

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

JUMBO chibi Groot

   Hi everyone! another Guardians of the Galaxy-inspired sculpture for sale from Hiro Ike. This is a much larger statue of the "baby Groot" design, mixed media (including polymer clay), 5" tall with a terracotta plant pot incorporated into the piece. Very cute!

chibi groot

   You can order this statue currently one at Hiro's store, here. He also does pre-orders for baby Groots still, though please be aware there's a production turnaround time of around ***2-3 weeks*** for pre-orders due to his busy schedule. We are hoping to make some Groot tutorials over at our Patreon as well.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

OOAK Art Doll tutorials

   We've launched a Patreon page!

OOAK tutorial

   Here you can support our OOAK studio in return for all kinds of rewards as a Patron! If you're interested in OOAK sculpting tutorials, including stuff we'll be making on furring a sculpt, making scales and horns, OOAK wings and how to make miniature clothing design and dress an art doll, it will all be made available to our Patrons each month on Patreon. There's going to be a lot of ways to learn about techniques and how-tos, including through videos, step by step tutorials, personal Q&As, process images and sketches, etc. Or maybe you just like our work and would like to help us out! Either way, please consider supporting us, for the first time we'll be explaining how we do things and making more complex dolls than we've ever made yet! :)

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

DMC luminite

   Check out this cool-looking prop stone sculpt from IkeHiroyasuSculpts! Inspired by the first game in the series of Devil May Cry videogames, protagonist Dante used a stone known as "luminite" from the Underworld to see in the dark. This prop version of the stone not only feels and weighs like actual stone, but also glows in the dark when charged by sunlight, lamp light or blacklight.

DMC luminite

Devil May Cry luminite

    You can purchase one of these hand-crafted "demon rock" pieces over at Ike's personal store here.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Baby Groot

   This adorable sculpture of a baby / chibi Groot inspired by the recent Guardians of the Galaxy film was made by H. Ike, one of the artists we'll be showcasing at Envydolls. :) 

    We've had many enquiries whether more sculptures like this will be on sale in the future. Ike is currently taking orders for sculptures like this one over at his personal store, here. He only makes small numbers of sculptures at any one time, so if the store says "sold out" on the chibi G figure, you can watch the store or add it to your personal favorites and hang on until orders become available again. Ike will be making Groot inspired statues for a limited time only and isn't taking commissions on them.

   A small few will also be up for auction at our eBay store for a limited time. :)

Friday, 17 October 2014

Okami sculpture

   This was one of the sculpts we made back in 2011 and now lives with collectors in Japan. As always, we try to inject something magical into our sculptures to bring them to life, and this is one of the pieces we're really proud of. Her new owners were really pleased with her. :) 

okami sculpture

   We are happy to consider commission proposals, either through our Yokai Parade site, or through Envydolls' official gallery. Please contact us through either of these if you would like to discuss one.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Rainbow Sheep!

Super-cute Rainbow Sheep sculpt made for Yokai Parade! :D

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

sleeping Okami neko / cat sculpture

A new sculpture for sale! OKAMI- inspired sleeping cat, 3" long, polymer clay. You can order her from the Yokai Parade store :)

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Okami Chibi Pug

   Super-cute OKAMI Pug sculpt from Yokai Parade! 3" long, free standing. Auction for 10 days here! :)

Friday, 30 May 2014

Totoro Sculpture

   Another cute sculpt from our affiliate studio! :) These characters are from the Studio Ghibli animated production, "My Neighbor Totoro".